Why Airplanes Turn - Doing the Math and Physics

KT34A information:

            Tower Talk Postings

                        Original Posting to TT on 15 m F/B for M2 upgrade

                                    (also at

                        Additional Info Posting to TT

                                    (also at\Users\HPBill\Documents\VA7VVWeb\Master\index032716.html

                        Final Summary to TT

                                    (also at

            Summary of Element Resonances and Dimensions

            Details of Final Summary for the KT34A Devotee

            MMANA KT34A M2 upgrade model file (use at your own risk)

                                    (kt34a_FullXM2.txt  rename to   “kt34a_FullXM2.maa”)


QSK-5 information:

            AMPS Posting for Relay Free QSK-5

                                    (also at

            Write Up on QSK-5 use considerations     


Tuning the Ameritron AL-811H  eham article:



Antenna Projects information:

           The 30 m 2-Element Vertical Array

            Tower Talk Posting on 80m InvL (also at

            A Frugal 6 Meter 3 Element Yagi

            Gamma Match Equations and Associated Confusion

            A Problem with the ARRL Gamma Match Code

            Vetted Gamma Match Calculator available on ARRL website – GammaMW4

            Gamma Match Fortran Code – Please credit N6MW if used

            Hairpin Match Details

            A Version of Hairpin Article published in June '13 QST

            A Hairpin Match Calculator (no pretty plots)

            Moxon-Yagi Hybrid for 12 m – The MOXAGI

            A 160/80 Dual Band Vertical

            Folding Back Ends of Insulated Wires for a Dipole

            Coaxial Trap Confusion Reduced

            A Relatively Simple Coaxial Trapped 160/80 Vertical/T

            Beware - recent results suggest this trap may not be up to high power, at least after some wet weathering. It might be okay if weather-sealed better. YMMV

            Antenna? We Don’t Need No Stinking Antenna.

            A Direct Single Feed Dual Band Vertical Dipole Array for 20 and 17

            A 6 Meter 2 Element Bent Yagi Direct Feed Beam - Beyond Frugal

            ACE Hardware Special Direct Feed 3 El Wire Yagi for 6 Meters

            Ultimate (i.e., Last) Light Cheap Direct Feed 3 El 6 Meter Yagi

            A Coaxial Trap Inverted Vee for 160/80

Vertical Antenna Ground Losses:

            Vertical Antenna Ground Loss & Displacement Current

            Brown Buried Radials Paper 1937 Review of Experiments

            Brown Paper 1937 – some Calculations and Critical Evaluation of Theory Aspects

            Some FDTD Maxwell Equation Calculations of Vertical Ground Losses

            Brewster Angle, Pseudo-Brewster Angle, Polarization, Low Band Vertical Antennas and Elevation Patterns

Tower Raising:

           The Non-Falling Derrick


K3 Projects:

            Interface/Strategy for K3/N1MM/MMTTY for FSK & CW with no switching with a serial port

            Some say this can be done (sometimes maybe) with a second USB/COM converter and no COM port – an attempt to do that failed but . . .

             CW keying and Radio control without a COM port port using a USB/COM adapter K3 and N1MM

V73MW DXpedition:

            After Action Report

            The Long Island Hotel, the site of this DXped, is now closed.


Bill, N6MW  billsstuffn6mw(at)comcast(dot)net ( backup -  n6mw(at)arrl(dot)net )